CRF 4 Stroke -2 Stroke Fuel Adaptor

CRF to CR 2 Stroke FI to Gravity Feed Conversion.
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CRF 4 STROKE - 2 STROKE CONVERSION FUEL ADAPTOR- CNC Machined to replace the fuel pump on the 2009-Present Fuel Injected CRF's to gravity fed fuel line with multiple positions for clearance. Works with Carburetor 2 or even 4 Stroke applications. Fuel line adapter and O-rings sold separately.

OEM Part Numbers recommended for kit

2009 CRF450R

16711-MEN-A30-RING (3.7X73.9); 16712-MEN-A30 O-RING (2.4X88.4)

2007 CR250R

16955-MEB-671 JOINT ASSY.,FUEL ; 16997-467-000 O-RING (11.8X3.55)

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Price $135.00

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